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You may be a small business, but you’ve got a big story to tell.

You’ve put so much into your business. You’ve got an awesome product. And now you want to share it with the world.

You’re not after world domination (not right now anyway). But you do want people to find your thing online. Oh and when they do, you want them to buy.

I want that for you too.

I’m an ecommerce copywriter who works with creative brands who are creating a movement and bringing something awesome into the world.

What are you after?

I was struggling with how to frame my business as a solution to a need. Nell had reflected on my business before we met up and offered a fresh perspective. By the end of our session my ideas were coming clearer and we’d nutted out a core offering that has resonated with my clients. I’ve felt more confident to talk about what I’m doing because of the clarity of purpose that emerged through our conversation.

Steph Gesling

Rest and Play